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A Powerful Client Management Software

Finally, a Client Management Software for immigration practitioners so easy to use that it can be mastered in just minutes, yet so powerful that will become an integral part of your practice. E-Organizer is a Client Management Software that allows you to organize and manage your data efficiently. From client management to accounting, to keeping track of your time, E-Organizer does it all.

Just start typing — no initial setup — and you are up and running immediately.

Stay up-to-date with your clients
Keep a history of every conversation and completed activity for each file, so everyone knows who said what and when it was said.


Instantly recall meeting notes for every client.

Find any client or any detail using simple keyword searches or use sophisticated “SmartSearch”  to search  based on multiple criteria. Eg. Search based on Dependant’s name, CE file number, and …


Search the Way You Think
Use the state-of-the-art SmartSearch to find clients based on multiple search criteria. For example, search for all clients whose applications are filed in London after March 1998 and haven’t been invited to Interviews. Or search for clients whose agent is "Smith", their visas are issued and owe you money.  

and get the results instantly...

Exchange Data
E-Organizer can export data to your favorite word processing software. Let E-Organizer customize your form letters in seconds.

Print envelopes in seconds.


Access Clients Correspondence Instantly
Stop searching in the paper file for a piece of correspondence. E-Organizer allows you to open your past correspondence for a client instantly.

Choose the letter of your choice, and click to open...

Automated Accounting

Keep track of Clients’ Accountings. Specify clients’ payment schedule, and the E-Organizer calculates the rest. It automatically bills the clients, and debits their accounts.

Here is a sample of what you can print:

To-do-list at your fingertips

To-do-list is designed to remind you of important dates and future tasks to be done for each client.

Times Log
Keep track of the time you or your colleagues spend on each case...

...and have it printed for you instantly...

Create Custom reports the way you want in seconds.


Keep track of your appointments. If you are using the multi-user version of the E-Organizer, different users can assign appointments for you or view them.

and write notes for each meeting.

If you are using the E-Organizer in a multi-user environment, assign different levels of access to different users. The system is password protected, and each user can only access the information that he or she is allowed.

User Friendly
E-Organizer is user-friendly, flexible, and yet powerful. It’s designed with the day-to-day requirements of an immigration practice in mind. Plus, it’s customizable to your particular needs.  

 Define your own fields, the way you do business...



and search based on your user-defined fields.


Why Should I have E-Organizer?

1)       Your time or your staff's time is more valuable to do the manual work.

2)       Using technology in this competitive business is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity.

3) Using technology will let your business operate efficiently, and let it grow without incurring expensive personnel costs.





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