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Here's what some of your colleagues have said about our products:

Robert Bradley, Former Diplomat, Senior Immigration Officer:
Phone: (604)669-0389

As user of both your ImmForms and the Simplified Genreral Occupations List (CanadaImm) programs, I would like to take time to commend you and the efforts of your company and recommend both programs to other potential users.

The ImmForm is not only complete but also simple and logical and therefore, very easy to learn and use. It contains several convenient features, which set it apart from competing software. It is clearly superior to the two other programs we have used for the past four years.

The CanadaImm program is invaluable in sorting and deciding to accept borderline cases. It presents the information in reports, which support the application. The program ensures the correct occupation, best alternative occupations, verifies educational qualifications and experience required, for acceptance in Canada, and details Provincial Licensing Requirements for all controlled occupations.

Your continued software support and program refinements have produced mature programs, which significantly increase our efficiency and accuracy. Used in combination, they are a powerful tool for knowledgeable immigration practitioners.

Batia J. Stein, Barrister & Solicitor, Coordinator of Immigration Program, Seneca College:
Phone: (416)596-6440

I have had the opportunity, over the past few months to use your CanadaImm software. Not only does the CanadaImm consolidates the GOL and the handbook into one easy to use package, I also find its ability to search and "think" of occupations saves me time in my research for the occupation or occupations that best suit my client. In addition to this main function, having a point calculator built into this application, and keeping a running score on the occupation search page, allows me to assess a client on finding an occupation, and to immediately determine whether or not the selected occupation provides the seventy points.

The built-in "reminder" system with respect the licensing requirements for various occupations, provides a wonderful system of checking whether a client meets all of the requirements for the occupation.

All in all, I have found your system to be extremely beneficial to my immigration practice and to individual clients….

Nigel Thomson, Former Diplomat, Senior Immigration officer:
Phone: (360)671-7981

….I would write you a brief note to commend your excellent CanadaImm software package. CanadaImm is the only software I have seen that combines the NOC, immigration selection system, provincial licensing requirements and a truly effective occupational search function into a single, seamless and problem-free package. CanadaImm allows rapid, thorough evaluations of potential clients, and prepares comprehensive print outs of their units of assessment, occupations on selection and the NOC requirements for their selected occupations. Just as importantly, CanadaImm is easy to use and can be taught quickly to just about anyone, even a non-immigration specialist…

Richard McPhee, Barrister & Solicitor:
Phone: (604)682-0926

We find the CanadaImm to be both convenient and time saving. The program is easy to learn and use and the comprehensive database, which incorporates the NOC, immigration selection system and, provincial requirements make it an invaluable tool in client assessment…

Canadian Bar Association, Vancouver, Minutes of Presentation, Sept. 23, 98: …The program has the General Occupations List, the NOC and ancillary so you don't need manuals. It will refer to as many occupations as may be applicable for any candidate….Reiner Rothe [phone:(604)267-1668] and Phil Rankin watched a demonstration, and were awestruck much like Neanderthals seeing fire for the first time…

Sylvia Fichtl, Member of OPIC Educational Committee:
Phone: (416)345-9605

The CanadaImm and QuebecImm are excellent tools for immigration practitioners. Not only are they extremely user-friendly and time saving, they also provide all information necessary to assess candidates and we can highly recommend them.

Lucy Cardoso, Chair of OPIC Educational Committee:
Phone: (416)516-1640

CanadaImm is a resourceful, informative and accurate assessment tool that is easy to use. ImmForms is a user-friendly, and useful tool that can print professional-looking and presentable forms. I would recommend these excellent programs as integral components for a successful immigration business.

Keith Frank, L.M.A.I.C., Immediate Past President AICC:
Phone: (416)224-8600

As a user of your immigration programs, I feel privileged to recommend your product to any prospective user. With recent changes in the investor's program, it has become more attractive for immigration practitioners to send their cases to Quebec. QuebecImm easily and efficiently assist users with assessment of Investors, Independent, Entrepreneur and self-employed cases.

and the list goes on and on and on....

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