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Your online office is here!


Flooded with piles of paper? Roaming between filing cabinets to find documents? Do you wish you could access any document instantly? Now you can.

Introducing GoToMyFile!

One-Stop Filing
GoToMyFile is document management software that organizes all your paper and digital documents in one convenient system. It uses the electronic equivalents of filing cabinets, file folders and documents to make the process familiar and easy. When you manage your office with GoToMyFile, all your information is right at your fingertips and ready to share, saving you time and money every day.




Manages Virtually Any Type of Document
In your routine tasks, you may find yourself switching between email and document preparation, or bouncing between your desk, the fax machine and the filing cabinet looking for critical documents. GoToMyFile not only handles each document type; it organizes it into one manageable system. Use it to store, share, control, retrieve and distribute the following and more.

Forms and other custom documents
Scanned paper documents
Word-processing, spreadsheet and other documents
PowerPoint presentations
Sensitive information



User Friendly
While it might seem daunting to move a traditional business process to an electronic solution, we built GoToMyFile to provide the look and feel of paper documents. You get the added benefits of automation without having to learn anything new.


Eliminates Office Clutter
Free yourself from the frustrating mess of half-filed papers and overflowing in-trays with GoToMyFile.

 Important Features

       Simply point & click to navigate immediately to the cabinets, folders and documents you need.

-       Scan paper documents with a multi-page scanner at speeds of 25 pages/minute.

-        Eliminate time-wasting searches for paper files and lost documents. File and retrieve documents in seconds.

-        Drag and drop documents or emails from other applications directly into each client’s section in GoToMyFile.

-        Annotate documents with text, or custom-design stamps.

-        Annotate each document with verbal instructions that can be passed to other staff.

-        Communicate document contents with other staff via built-in internal e-mail.

-        Trace workflows.

-        Email or fax any document directly from within the GoToMyFile environment.



Enhance Your Business

-       Save time, money, and precious office space.

-       Track files and sensitive information.

-       Access information readily, but rest easy with powerful password protection.

-       Improve efficiency and manage workloads.

-       Scale your business up without incurring the costs of additional administrative personnel.

-       Gain instant access to archived files.

-       Never lose an important document again.

-       Improve records quality and accuracy.

-       Use GoToMyFile as the ultimate disaster recovery solution to get back in business quickly in case of fire, theft and other disasters.

Improve your bottom line with GoToMyFile.


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